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Exning United Charities

Exning United Charities (Charity Number: 204791)

Small grants may be available for anyone experiencing financial hardship due to illness or redundancy, or for educational needs.

Discretionary grants will be awarded only to those aged 70 or more residing within the Parish of Exning with Landwade and St.Agnes (Severals Ward)

Written application must be made to:

The Chairman of Trustees,

c/o Maytrees, 21a Church Street, Exning, Newmarket, CB8 7EH

Grants for 2019

Exning United Charities will make a distribution on Saturday 7th December, from 9.30am until 12 noon at Exning Community Church Hall to single people who have reached the age of 70 years and have resided continuously in the Parish of Exning with Landwade and St Agnes (Severals Ward only) for 7 years or more.

Please note this is a discretionary distribution not a right for anyone.  New applicants must produce proof of identity of age by birth certificate and of length of residence in the parish.

Clerk to the Trustees

Charity Commission info for Charity Number: 204791