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 "A Taste of Exning" – July 15, 2017

A new cooking competition? Maybe a book of local recipes?

No. The “taste” was a variety performance (mainly musical) of Exning’s home-grown talent

It was part of the Newmarket Festival of music and took place in St Martin’s Church in Exning on the evening of Saturday July 15th

It proved to be a very eclectic mix of music with participants ranging in age from 10 to 70!

The photos below give a visual record of the evening

The opening act was the “MBC JAC Trio” performing:

Photos: Matthew Whitaker

The “MBC JAC Trio” are each session leaders for “Music Builds Communities”.

John Saville (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals}

Alice Haylock (Saxophone)

Clive Hook (Lead guitar, bass, vocals)

Kayleigh Conway Jarrett (left and below) sang:


Kayleigh was accompanied on piano by her mother, Christine, who then played a solo piece

Gabrielle Bell (left) sang


Matthew Whitaker (below) who sang  

Charlotte Simpson  (right and below)sang two of her own compositions accompanying herself on electric piano and guitar

The first half was closed by Paolo Gaio (below) on electric guitar:

During the break a buffet was served

The second half was opened with a surprise act by Gabrielle Bell , exotically dressed and shaking her maracas at a startled audience member!

Alice Haylock (left) played

Followed by

Rhapsody Rolfe (below) who sang:

Freya Alexander (left) played:

On a clarinet

Olivia Savage (right) played

on piano

Rachel Whitaker (above and left) played clarinet on:

The penultimate act was a return of the MBC JAC Trio (below) for its second set:

Photos: Matthew Whitaker

The finale involved many of the performers and other people from the audience in a performance of

Photos awaiting parental approval for use on web

Photos awaiting parental approval for use on web

Photos awaiting parental approval for use on web

Photos awaiting parental approval for use on web