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 This year, across Britain, communities are commemorating the outbreak of World War I

 Did you know that Exning has a unique record of all those who enlisted?

 Do you live in a home of one of those who served?

 Later this year a “re-enactment” is being planned to remember not only those who fell, but all those who served (including honouring those who returned from WWI changed by physical or mental wounds).

In 2010 documents were discovered in the village which contain information including the name, rank, regiment, rank, marital status and address.

These take the form of illuminated “Rolls of Honour”

which you can see at the back of St Martin’s Church

(and at http://www.exningparishchurch.net/roh.htm).

Outline Plan

Why?  This suggestion would:

What?  {The idea inspired to some extent by the “enlistment” scenes in the movie “War Horse”)

 The Rolls of honour displayed in Exning Church provide unique information about how the village supported the First World War

 The idea is that we would identify each location recorded on the rolls and the current address of that property, (or a position near that property if it has subsequently been demolished). Some work on this started when the Rolls were installed.

 We would invite the owner of each property or a nearby (male?) member of the community to walk from that property towards a central point. If nobody there wants to do it others could take that place.

 At the central point we could possibly have a book based on the spreadsheets that are shown on the church website which would have the information shown on the Roll of Honour: e.g. name, regiment, address as shown, along with the address as known today.

 The person walking from the property could then sign the book alongside of the name of the First World War enlister. The column will be headed something like “I walked in the shoes of….”


 We would hope that people residing in the homes of enlistees might wish to participate, but it could be open to anybody to substitute when occupants are unable or do not wish to participate.


 It is planned that the Re-enactment will take place on the afternoon of November 8, 2014


The walks would start from all over the village (as many points as participants), towards some central point e.g. near the war memorial where the signing in book could be nearby in a suitable tent.

 After the “enlistment” participants could be invited to march in a unit towards the l Hall/Churcxhyard

 Those not involved such as wives, mothers and children could walk ahead to line say, Church Street, possibly with flags to wave .

 This would therefore give an experience to both the “enlisters” and their families and would encourage more people to attend both the service at the war memorial and that in St Martin’s Church.


 Work is currently underway to identify more precisely the homes of enlisters from the 1911 Census.

John R Saville    Rev 4 April 12, 2014

For information about the “Rolls of Honour” click here

For the list of information on the rolls with current addresses click here

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