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Christianity came to Exning in the 7th Century, and St Martins was built in late 12th Century. Some time after that, people “set up shop” by the main road from Bury to Cambridge and St Mary’s Church was built.

Since then villagers and townsfolk have faced adversity including several plagues. In all these people would pray for their neighbours.

As we face unprecedented situations, we want you to know that there is still a community of prayer in Exning and North Newmarket which wants to support others by prayer.

If you have concerns for yourself, your family and friends here in Newmarket, or across the world, we would like to pray for them.

You do not have to be a church member to ask for prayer……..this is offered to people of all faiths…..or none…..

Just let us know who you would like us to pray for, with as little, or as much information as you feel comfortable.

You can do this by sending an email to prayer@exning.net with the subject “Prayer Request”.

This will then be shared, confidentially*, with a small group of people who will pray for the person or situation you’ve told us about.

Please note, when you send your prayer request we will not reply but you can be assured that prayers will be offered.

If you have a pastoral need, and want to speak with someone, you should contact Rev John Hardy (Rector) on 01638-660729.

Exning, and North Newmarket Churches


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Your privacy is important to us, especially as you may be sharing information of a personal nature. We therefore will comply with the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation in the following ways:

Requests for Prayer at this time of the Coronavirus Pandemic