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Photos of the Beacon Event to celebrate
HM the Queens 90th birthday

Exning Parish Council

This page will be used for information from or events arranged by Exning Parish Council.

For the official Exning Parish Council Website please see  www.exning-pc.gov.uk.

If you need information please contact the Parish Clerk, Mrs Cathy Whitaker at clerk@exning-pc.gov.uk

This year, in conjunction with Exning Parish Council, Exning is provided a festival of light with 24 Advent Windows on display throughout the village.  

If you have a window that you could put a lit display in that can be viewed from the highway, please do get in touch.

Battery timer lights are available from me.  I have many windows registered at the moment, nut need some more to make it to Christmas Eve.   You will be allocated a number by which the display will need to be lit.  The display begins with the Parish Council noticeboard on 1st and ends with St Martin’s Church on 24th

This is an activity for all; to walk through our village to ‘collect’ all the days of advent.  Please get in touch for more information & let’s light up Exning!

Update (December 5th)

We now have over 20 windows registered!  By Decemebr 9th there will be at least nine lit and displayed and the standard is very good.  Take a look if you are around Exning – people have put a lot of thought into this and it’s looking lovely.   

We currently have windows live  at:   

Over the next couple of weeks there will be more windows

revealed – more houses on Church Street, Chapel Street, two on New Road, one

on   St   Wendred’s   Way,   one   on   King   George  Avenue,   one   on   Swan   Grove,

windows at St Martin’s Church. Enjoy!  

More info: Cathy Whitaker      clerk@exning-pc.gov.uk         

The Exning Advent Windows is a new event with Advent Windows numbered 1 to 24 being revealed daily throughout the run-up to Christmas Day.  So come along to Exning any day to see if you can spot them all.  We’ll put out up to date locations throughout December.