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June 14 Exning Village Cinema "Anatomy of a Fall"      June 19 MBC Singing for Fun "Flaming June"   

Welcome to Exning dot Net

For Links to websites of local organisations and other interests see below

Exning is a village in Suffolk,  It lies just off the A14 trunk road, roughly 12 miles (19 km) east-northeast of Cambridge, and 10 miles (16 km) south-south-east of Ely. The nearest large town is Newmarket which is 2 miles to the south.

This website has been established by residents of the village to provide a focus for information about the village, links to the many websites in the village and a home to the Exning section of the “22 Villages” website produced to celebrate the millennium.

Exning is reputed to have been the capital of the Iceni tribe and therefore the home of Queen Boadicea (Boudicca)(Local Lore). She appears on the village sign.

Christianity came to Exning in AD630 with the conversion of King Anna. Exning is reputed to have been the birthplace of his daughter Saint Etheldreda, to whom the cathedral at Ely is dedicated.

After over 1300 years it is good that there is still a lively worshipping church in the village

Exning Community Church Hall (ECCH) is the venue for many local activities including Music Builds Communities (MBC), fitness sessions, dancing, activities for children and young people, committee meetings, and as a cinema.

If you want to know more about the history of Exning there are 2 excellent books which are available from the Post Office:’

There is also some information on line:

Exning Parish Council

Exning Parish Churches

Exning Primary School

Exning Community Church Hall


Old Pictures of Exning

A Walk around Exning

Links to websites of local organisations and other interests

Exning Ladies Football Club

22 Villages

Exning from the Air


Exning Remembers

Roll of Honour

Studlands Residents Facebook

Exning Community Page on FB

Exning Enlistment

Exning Iceni Colts FC

Burwell & Exning Cricket Club

Exning Tennis Club

What's On?

Please note: In the case of regular events (*) only the next occurrence will normally be shown

If you have an event you would like advertised please send us details

14 June*

7.30 pm.


Exning Village Cinema

Anatomy of a Fall

Exning Presents

15 June.

noon to 5pm

Around Village (Wests Garage)

Exning Open Gardens


17 June*

2 to 4pm


Time for Tea and Friendship


19 June*

8 pm.


MBC Singing for Fun

“Flaming June"



9.30 am
10 am


Worship & Activities


13 July

noon to 3pm

Churchyard & Stream

Exning Duck Races

Christian Aid

27 July 2024

Noon to 5pm

Exning Recreation Ground

Exning Village Fete

Parish Council

14 Sept*

10am to noon


Coffee and Cake for all


Key to Venues


Exning Community Church Hall


Old Hospital Chapel (St Philips w St Etheldreda)

St Martins

St Martins Church

Past Events

20 January 2024

Murder Mystery "A Question of Tort"

2 December 2023

Christmas Tree Switch On

29 July 2023

Exning Summer Fete

01 July 2023

Exning Duck Races

If you  have other photos of these or other events, please contact us via info@exning.net

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For news of a new defibrillator at Exning Community Church Hall and a map showing both locations click here


Defibrillator Locations

The Book Club is re-opening in the Church porch click here